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Reducing of Conifers 

Pruning conifers is vital for the garden maintenance of most gardens. Conifers became popular in the United Kingdom many years ago. At the time they were 
considered as an excellent way to form a natural fence between land boundaries. 
The challenge now is that conifers that have not been pruned can cause many issues. Not least of which is an unkempt garden and problems with the 
Depending in which area of the country you live in you may be subject to local authority laws. Many a garden owner has fallen fowl of the law when a new 
neighbour arrives who does not like the height of the conifers that block out their light. 
Hi Frank, 
I would just like you to knw how happy we are with the work your firm has done today. It has exceeded my expectations, which is rare praise in a world of over promises. Thanks to you and all concerned. 
Kind regards, M Harwood 
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